Every garden needs a little helper

Soft, diffused shot through the screen door of my house
Soft,  Diffused shot through the screen door of my house with my new 55-300mm lens

 Season 2 – Day 5

Here’s images from March 29th, 2012. Which was the fifth day after planting our first Jiffy pots. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast our garden started sprouting this year.  Within a week we transplanted into real pots.

Checking the growth of our seedlings
My little helper checking the growth of our seedlings
Checking the growth of our seedlings
Checking the growth of our seedlings

Season 2 – Day 9

The following images are from April 2, 2012.  Watermelon Poppies, Snowdrift and Queen Sophia Marigolds, and Morning Glories.

Snowdrift Marigolds
Snowdrift Marigolds

Unfortunately none of the Snowdrift Marigolds have survived.  Not sure why, but apparently the Snowdrift seeds do not like our climate or possibly I am planting in the wrong season. Maybe I should plant these in the autumn and see what happens.

Snowdrift Marigolds Close Up
Snowdrift Marigolds Close up – this was cool, one of the seeds that did not take was attached to one of the sprouts as it popped up. I’m guessing the rain washed it into the other pot.
Watermelon Poppies
Watermelon Poppies – These did not survive but started off looking pretty good.
Morning Glories and Marigolds sprouting Day 9
Morning Glories and Marigolds sprouting Day 9

Season 2 Day 40

The following images are from May 3rd, 2012.  I didn’t have much time to photograph everyday so we’re skipping from day 9 to day 40.  Nonetheless it’s a nice visual of how the well Queen Sophia Marigolds are doing.  The Snowdrift Marigolds and Watermelon Poppies did not make it.  The rain has continued for the last month, which may have contributed to the demise of the once promising seedlings.

The queens are the only to make it to “pot status” and here’s the growth update:

"Biggie" is our smallest
“Biggie” is our smallest in our largest pot
you can tell we’ve had lots of rain with the soil splatter on Queenie’s name tag
Massive MoMo
We call him Massive “MOMO”. A medium-sized pot and our widest growth yet.

MoMo lost his name tag to wind and rain.

Our Smallest Pot
Our Smallest Pot – My daughter has continued the re-naming process of Pot-Pot aka Jewelz aka BFF Jewelz. Can’t imagine what we’ll call Pot-Pot next week.

The image below is our Convolvulus Morning Glory and is doing well.

We started with 2 of these hanging on the concrete lattice.  The other basket had a sprout about  the size of a half-dollar.  You won’t see a picture though because some sort of creature ate it all before I had a chance to get the camera!  Possibly a caterpillar based on what the munch marks looked like.

Morning Glory
Morning Glory