Two days without watering with the hose & the rain has come again… big time!

It’s been tough since planting last month. The rain has fallen extensively since Typhoon Songda and then Tropical Storm Maeri.

Previously watering once or twice per day due to the heat quickly drying out the soil. Until we noticed leaves turning a lighter shade of green and a few edges starting to brown.

Our one survivor of Tropical Storm - Helen Mount Viola
2011©Jennifer Martinez - shot on iPhone 3GS

Honestly, I am unsure what is normal when growing plants and flowers, but instinct and a bit of internet research tells me they need to dry out a bit.

Rain and then hose water maybe too much.  Granted we only watered with the garden hose on days when the rain was a mere sprinkle, but who knows… We definitely don’t want to drown our new sproutlings.

Resist the urge to water, at least for a few days.

Flood after half an hour of rain
2011©Jennifer Martinez - shot on iPhone 3GS

Moving out of the Danger Zone

Moving the pots out of the danger zone
2011©Jennifer Martinez - shot on iPhone 3GS

The only thing to do was try to dump the water out without spilling too much soil and prop the pot up to allow the water to drain out faster.

Flooded Cosmos and Violas
2011©Jennifer Martinez - shot on iPhone 3GS