Queen Sophia Marigolds

Last year my friend Julie mentioned I should cut and dry the old blossoms to save the seeds.  I had never really thought about doing that but if I could make it work then I’d never need to purchase seeds again! Just keep replenishing my supply.  Sounds good, and it worked.

Now I have more seeds than I know what to do with.

Queen Sophia Marigold Seeds
2011 © J. Martinez

Purchased seeds usually have an expiration date of 2 years or so. Not sure if seeds actually expire.  I’d think seeds would keep longer if they’re properly stored.

Queen Sophia Marigold Seeds dry in paper bag
2011 © J. Martinez

Process: Clip the dying blooms off the stems (or just pinch and pop off the heads).

Throw them in the paper bag and allow to completely dry out. I left them in there for quite some time.

Just kept throwing them in throughout the season until they were all completely dried and shrunk down.

Then simply roll it lightly between fingers and the seeds will fall out easily.

Throw back in the bag and seal until planting season rolls around.

Time will tell if my seed saving process will work successfully. Meaning my seeds will grow into pungently gorgeous Marigolds!  I intend to plant as many as I can fit in my garden and share the rest of the seeds with anyone who’d like to have some. Maybe I’ll package a few and send little seed baggies to family back home in Kansas. I’m sure my grandmothers on all sides would love that.

If any Kadena AB, Okinawa gardeners want to plant a few Queen Sophia’s – I’d be happy to share with you.

Queen Sophia Marigold Seeds
2011 © J. Martinez