a toddlers gardening tool
2011©Jennifer Martinez

Since the last time Justice and I weeded our garden, it has been through Typhoon Songda, Tropical Storm Meari, and a weeks worth of continuous wind and rain.  Also twice per week lawn trimming which I’m assuming spreads new weeds on top of what already resides in our garden beds.

No biggie. We will pull you out again and again! 

We have decided not to use any chemicals in this first garden season.  Keeping it all natural for now.  Which could be the end of our garden due to so many pests here. I am curious how the Okinawan people tend to their plants.  (Since everyone seems to have a garden in the front yards, even the office buildings in the middle of the city have gardens!) It seems to me weeds grow alongside their flowers naturally.  Maybe that’s the way to do it.  Just let nature do its thing and see what happens.  If anyone has input I’d love to hear it.  The more I learn the better.

Daughter helping dig weeds
2011©Jennifer Martinez

We have yet to purchase our rocks.  Once we find some decent rock we will finally get to lay out the weed control paper that we bought months ago.  No point in pinning it down if the wind is just going to blow it away. Further more, there’s no sense in making the garden all super beautiful & costly if all of our flowers die in the end anyway.

Enough with that negativity. If it happens, we will simply start again. & Again…& again until we get it right! Oh, I need grandma to tell me how to grow flowers!