A nice height comparison with my daughter Justice and myself. She took this picture with the remote you can see in her hand. (She just loves to be in control).

For months I thought this was a weed, because it transplanted itself into a pot that was 2 feet away from where these mixed seeds were originally planted! Before it bloomed I swore I had accidentally cross pollinated a weed with a Cosmo. As soon as the yellow flowers popped out I realized they were Coreopsis.

5 ft Coreopsis Flower Height Comparison

One of the only flowers to survive the Okinawa rainy season. I often joke about which season is which. Seriously it’s rainy and rainier. Through the months of November to March these Coreopsis flowers seemed to come alive.

The plastic pot resided in a partially sunny location near our porch. Sun until noon and the rest of the day they were completely shaded. They never got watered. To be honest,  I thought they were dead and it was the rainy season anyway so I left the plants alone.

Coreopsis Flower Close Up