2011©Jennifer Martinez

Since we took our vacation last month… I have been seriously slackin’ on life, especially the garden blogging.  While of course I have excuses a mile long (my own homework, kids, end of summer, kids, baseball season, plus being the dreaded “team mom”, and oh yeah kids.) I love them, but it’s time for school to start up again ASAP!  Next week buddy… back to a schedule.  It’s so funny how antsy everyone gets the week before school lets out… and the week before it starts again.

The garden has been through a 4 day vacation, the longest typhoon on Okinawa in decades, countless days of drought, brutal heat, and yet is doing better than it was before.  Improving due to the fact that I realized soon enough that I was underwatering.  Yup. I was starving the poor babies.  Our plants have been through disastrous starvation, bug attacks, and even sunburns in just 4 weeks time.  We’ll get to the details in my next few posts.  It’s so much to catch up on in a single post, so I will break it down by individual flowers to help show how much progress has been made in the last month. Not to mention the fatal mistakes I’ve made. All is not lost, in fact through it all I may not be the black thumb I claimed to be.  Green Thumb…here I come!