Oura Wan Bay_2011
2011©Jennifer Martinez

Home to our garden after a 4 day, 3 night vacation to Oura Wan Beach on Camp Schwab.  Worried? Yes, but not enough to let it spoil our trip.  If our soon to blooms died while we were away, then it wouldn’t be our first flower funeral.

The difference here is that I’m genuinely attached to our new plants like babies.  However, right now they are more like troubled teenagers, they don’t know which way to grow… they’re just growing.  And as the parent,  I made plenty of mistakes. Mistakes I shall remedy the next time around.

The difference between my flowers and my actual children:  the perennials will start over next year, the kids will live with our mistakes forever… {insert going insane, pulling my hair out smiley face here :0}