Welcome Typhoon Guchol and Introducing Tropical Storm Talima.

Looks like once Guchol leaves us tomorrow, we get a break until Thursday when Talima passes by. Fun fun!


A quick few iPhone pics of today, before the typhoon arrived. 20120618-210151.jpg

We prepare by moving the flowers/ pots to shelter. Pretty much anywhere they won’t get directly hit by 150 knots of wind. They’ll mostly get an overspray of rain and just enough wind to not destroy them completely.20120618-210221.jpg

Justice accidentally dropped a pot. It was the one she named “Pot Pot”. But we luckily had an extra pot for a quick and easy transplant. No harm done. Except to the pretty decorative ceramic pot;(20120618-210229.jpg

Of course the kids use our rope and bungees for stuffed animal dog leashes, so they’re lost and not found when we need them.

As a last minute ghetto rig… We tied the grill down with bandanas! Whatever. It worked. And you can see the lovely, decorative rust courtesy of previous typhoons and the regular rain and humidity of Okinawa!20120618-210240.jpg
Our power is likely to go out soon. Hopefully, I’ll get around to posting a garden update next week. I’ve been super busy lately and the garden blog is first to get neglected!