*this was all happening oh say March 25th-ish… and it’s now May.  But I always make a list of Blog To Do’s or a “I Need To Post This” List.  So here’s to me playing catch up.

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Last year, we planted directly in the pots.  This year I thought it was time for another experiment.  That’s what it’s all about anyway… learning what works and what doesn’t.  So we started our babies in Jiffy Seed Pots.

Justice helped put the seeds in the soil and then of course we watered them and left them in the sun all day. At night we took them inside so they wouldn’t get rained on or eaten by pests.  I was extremely worried about the seeds getting too cold in our house.  Mainly because our A/C is always on and it’s like an icebox, especially at night.  I’ve read about putting the seeds in the oven, but I’ve been known to set the oven on 450 and walk away… to come back and pull out a burnt pizza box!

2012©J. Martinez
seeds staying warm overnight in the dryer

So to remedy this I decided to put the seeds in the dryer, in the laundry room because we have no air vents in there.  It kept the seeds warm and cozy all night for the first week. Each morning I’d pull them out of the dryer and take them back outside until the sun went down.  If it was raining I’d simply set the seeds near a window with good light.

Watermelon Poppies, Queen Sophia Marigolds, Morning Glories, and Snowdrift Marigolds