The Queen Sophia “High Maintenance” Marigolds

Now I can say I’ve chopped a queens head off:)
No, really I’m making bad jokes because I’m super sad about it. I read an article about needing to rid of a few before the roots tangle and strangle the whole bunch. My fault for over crowding the pots. Chalk it up to another lesson learned in our garden.

Snowdrift Marigolds


This hurts even more because the snowdrifts are our first & largest growing to date. My heart, my eyes, & also my neighbor tell me not to thin any more of these beauties.



We successfully pulled the middle root out without harming it & we’re able to replant in a tiny plastic pot. (that’s all we had left, just couldn’t live with sentencing this precious life to death.) there I go picking favorites…


This little guy wilted as soon as he hit the air! Oops. I don’t know what I did wrong but I’m guessing I ruined his roots somehow.


We tried to save the poor guy but it was a no go.


The Alyssum Carpet of Snows

While they were looking healthy we measured & thinned to 4 sprouts. Which in all honesty is probably still too many for this medium sized pot.


What can I say? I wish it would have really rained the week before I bought the seed packets. That way I would have taken my husband & neighbors “flood warnings” seriously. Blame falls on me alone. So excited to plant something living & now I must do the unthinkable & pull them out like worthless weeds. 

Teach me to re-plan a garden spur of the moment.  Possibly I was more concerned with planting early before the heat, than planting properly. Made the potting decision last minute because in ground would have been a bigger disaster.   In all honesty I planted 2 seeds in each hole we dug because I didn’t expect them all to grow!  Figured there would be a few duds.  I was so wrong.


Weak Links Sentenced to a Thinning

Don’t worry they had their last meals that morning. Hose water & sunshine.


All Photos in this article were shot on an iPhone 3GS by a dirty, shaky hand.

2011©Jennifer Martinez