Young and old growing all together now!

In more ways than one…

Celebrating all the new growth in our garden
2011©Jennifer Martinez

Not only are the old growing (ya know, the seeds we planted 2 weeks ago) but the newly sown seedlings are also growing rapidly! Overnight the freshly planted Cosmos sprouted.  By day 3 standing over 3 inches tall!  We were shocked to say the least.

More importantly my daughter and I are coming together, working hard. Weeding, digging, shopping, planting, watering, watching and waiting.  We have learned a few things over the last few weeks and nature continues to amaze us.  Maybe we will both grow our green thumbs this summer!

The first we planted were the Snowdrift Marigolds and look at them now…

thick morning humidity over the snowdrift marigolds
2011©Jennifer Martinez

That hazy fog lying so thick over the pot is the morning humidity helping to keep these babies moist! It’s hard for us to breath in it sometimes, but the humidity seems to be a seedlings best friend… next to our hose that is. Speaking of water we had our first rain since planting and the pots are now broken in with dirty mud splatter:)

Snowdrift Marigolds
2011©Jennifer Martinez

The Alyssum Carpet of Snow sprouted fast and are starting to thicken already

(The other pot growth looks identical, no point in shooting it…)

Alyssum Carpet of Snow Emerges
2011©Jennifer Martinez

The Queen Sophia Marigolds are looking beautiful.  The sun was so bright on Sunday morning and I’m guessing it was around 8am and most likely had already hit 90 degrees!  My fleece pajama pants may not have been the best idea!

Queen Sophia Marigolds covered by my shadow on a very sunny hot day
2011©Jennifer Martinez

Not gonna lie, I drenched myself with the water hose while misting the plants and it felt wonderful!  All before breakfast… who’d have guessed I’m actually a night owl!

The Queen Sophia Marigolds are Full Sun so they get extra water… I see why they call ’em Queens… “eh um… can anyone say High Maintenence?”

Queen Sophia Marigolds
2011©Jennifer Martinez

Now I’m just plain shadow chasing.  The playful kid in me gets out every once in a while.  Better than the trouble maker kid that is on lock down for life, at least til the kids leave home… {insert evil laughter here}

Now I'm just following my shadow
2011©Jennifer Martinez

That’s it for the old… and the 3 small pots in the image above are the beginning of the new, which will be shown in Growing Together Part II.  Since we ever so fortunate Kadena folk are again losing power for an entire day tomorrow the next post may be delayed.

Just think when the flowers actually bloom I may have very little to blog about.  Oh well, pretty blooms are good enough for my camera any day! I could use a few posts short on words… brain break here I come!