Welcome Cosmos
2011©Jennifer Martinez

LOTS going on.  New seeds, new pots, more planting and MUCH more watering now that the summer heat is in full effect in Okinawa. It’s tough to capture it all without confusion.

Justice left me hangin most of this last week because brother and the neighborhood kids are now free to play all day!  I’ve had that song in my head for days on end… my brain is blaring….School’s Out For Summer…” 

Here’s an attempt at showing most of what I accomplished in the garden last Friday.  Measuring to make sure we didn’t plant too much in the smaller to medium sized pots.  Trying to decide what seeds I have left &  which of those would do best in part shade to full sun, etc.  My neighbor Julie hooked us up with all the seed packets she decided not to plant!

Welcome the newest additions to Goldie’s Garden


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