After planting I researched more on pot sizes and realized I may be in for disappointment with the smaller pots.

Originally I researched ground planting and not pots, so I did not consider the effects of pot size other than restricted growth. If the flowers turn out small that’s expected. However it could be potentially fatal to the flowers in the long run.

We’ll keep an extra close eye on the smaller pots. We did take care to not plant but one seed in each, and used the shortest plants we had left. I did not consider the root size. We’ll see what happens.

The heat is so hot that I’ve had to water every hour while the sun is up for the past 2 days. The humidity is really helping keep the seeds warm and they are sprouting rapidly. Also the 3 day early sprout apparently may not be a good thing.

Here’s one of the articles I found on this topic yesterday that really helped. If only I had searched before planting!