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We have watered the seeds nearly twice a day on the sunniest days, and once in the early morning on the cloudy days. Realizing that we chose an eclectic mix of flowers, each needing different amounts of water, sunlight, and shade at various times throughout the days. It has become an all day job. Maybe not for you Green Thumbs, however for me I’m still a tad bit green behind the ears I don’t wanna screw this garden up! Each pot full of seeds is like taking care of a baby. (or 9 babies in this case!)

Speaking of Green Thumbs, as of last week I had not a clue what that expression meant. As I’m blogging about day 1 planting my husband mutters from the couch that he never really saw me as a green thumb. Now, I’ve heard the term used before but it was never of enough interest to me to even bother figuring out what it meant. He said “Look it up. You’re a gardener and you don’t know what a Green Thumb is? Google it”. So I search, What is a green thumb? In my own words: It’s basically someone who has a natural ability to grow plants, or learns to grow them, etc. and is very good at it.

Oh… Now, it’s GAME ON… Pass or Fail • Succeed or Quit • LIVE or DIE! (at least for the flowers)

So… Will I fail at gardening, give up & stay green behind the ears forever? Or will I join the imaginary league of green thumbs?