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Drove around with the kids the day after Typhoon Songda hit us last week and my son asked if we could stop to take pictures of the trees on the playground at his school. So although we were all starving, we stopped and I’m glad we did. Basically exhausted this one particular tree that was torn apart, and it was quite a sight. Went home itching and scratching.  It’s possible that crawling around in the grass in shorts, the day after a crazy storm might not have been the best idea.

Definitely the most powerful storm we have encountered since moving to Okinawa in 2008. It was mostly wind and some rain that came in strong throughout the night and stopped almost immediately… before starting again.  The video I captured was all wind and complete darkness due to the fact that we lost power mid-night.  (I did get shots of the flickering power lines that I have yet to get from my camera, so I’ll post the typhoon night pics eventually.) Yes, I work backwards from time to time.  The tree damage pics I find much more interesting. My husband calls me a tree huggin hippie.  For the trees I’ve loved over the years, can’t say I’ve hugged enough:)

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Garden Update: First the tropical storm, a typhoon scare, and now a Super Typhoon.  Hence the garden being on hold, and I haven’t blogged in a month:(  So as much as the ground has flooded I have decided to use flower pots, instead of attempting to plant in ground.  What’s the point, if it could potentially get washed away in the next storm.  It’s all good, now I see why majority of the Okinawans have their garden completely covered and protected.  That’s the condition of living smack dab in the middle of Typhoon Alley.