Humidity on my iPhone
Humidity - iPhone 2011©Jennifer Martinez

 All photos shot with an iPhone 3GS

Day 4: Today the plan was to finish weeding the long bed before the day was out.  My husband calls around 9am to tell me his shop is prepping for a typhoon.  While we are only in TCCOR3 now, you never know.  A tropical storm hit the Philipines and could potentially hit Okinawa or build up to become this season’s first typhoon.  So I spent the  morning cleaning up the yard and  getting ahead on typhoon preparation.  Luckily for my toddler Justice and I the rain didn’t come in until mid afternoon.  So we spent a few hours weeding our soon to be flower bed in a humid, misty sprinkle!

Almost done weeding
2011©Jennifer Martinez

Much fun was had between us. Many creatures were found today.  We regularly see earthworms, snails and the occasional centipede. But the small, super fast jumping spiders were out in full effect today. In a split second while pulling huge root out of the soil, a nickel sized spider  jumped off the plant onto my hand and straight up my arm!  Meanwhile Justice is still playing with a worm and I explain that she needs to put it back in the dirt…  it’s time for him to go home.  She asked “to his family?” I say, “yup, home to his family in the dirt.

Which leads to conversation about how every one of Gods creatures has a job to do, and how we should be nice and respect nature. Not a minute later, a big nasty centipede wiggles out from my shovel and is fast moving toward me…   I end our conversation by smashing the centipede into a gooey mess. The conversation may not have had the impact that I intended. The little bugger just wouldn’t die, and kept coming at me!

Image by moreMangosteens via Flickr

When we moved to the island, I heard about centipedes being dangerous here in Okinawa, and ever since then they freak me out. Normally I’d leave it alone.  Unless it’s in the house, then I’ll scoop it up and throw it in the jungle.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have killed a creature in it’s own territory, but that lil guy was coming right for me.

While I am not fast enough to catch a centipede or a jumping spider on an iPhone camera,  we did take pics of of a worm and a snail.  Snails are everywhere during the entire rainy season.  Walls covered with snails, the shed covered in snails  and for some reason all slowly moving together toward the roof.  Of course they’re all over the ground too, and although we try to avoid stepping on them, it tends to happen every time you walk out the front  door after it rains.  All I hear is crunch, and  feel a chill run up my spine. I sometimes wonder if that chill is his little snail soul going to heaven:)  Sorry little slimy friend.

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The snail on the bucket must have been inside of a root we pulled out and was lucky enough to make it to the top of the bucket for his photo debut.  Justice took him and put him back in his home and we finished the weeding. Now for the tropical storm to roll through for the next week and soak our soil, raise our rocks, and when the sun comes out again, we’ll be able to see all the new growth from weeds we probably missed!