Selection of self watering "Spa Pots"
Shot with iPhone - 3GS 2011©Jennifer Martinez

Rained out again today, however we did get a few things accomplished.  Shopped for flower pots and supplies. Researched a bit to try to find a quick fix for our water drainage problem… nothing yet.

Shot with iPhone 3GS - 2011©Jennifer Martinez

My first idea was to possibly elevate the garden either with levels of rock & soil, like a filtration system of sorts and surround the bed with a fancy, solid fence type thing (maybe called a border, idk).  Thinking that maybe I could poke a few holes in it and use plastic piping with in & out holes to let the water disperse itself out.  To drain both out of the flower bed and into the drier soil areas of the bed.  Since water travels along the path of least resistance I’d think this would work.

However my husband thinks the rocks will flood up, and spill out every time it rains, defeating the purpose of my idea… so I’m stumped for the moment. It was difficult to google a solution, especially since I don’t know the proper terminology to search! One day I hope I know the answer to all of these questions.  If my gardening grandmothers, Charlotte and Tina, weren’t thousands of miles away in the USA,  I’d call them knowing for sure they’d have good solutions.  It’s tough to get ahold of them because even in this new day and age, neither of them is on Facebook! I may have to bust out the good ‘ol fashioned pen and paper.

Slim selection of flower pots and none of the rectangle pots that I’d prefer to use.  The prices are steep; the cheap, uglies are still $5 plus and the tiny ones are of no use to me at all.  All the colors are very neutral and that’s ok for me, but the nice ones start around $40.  I think I’ll save the fancy shmancy stuff for when we actually own a home, and aren’t limited by the rules of the base housing.

Next,  a slideshow of  some of the pots that may be options for our first flower beds. Also Jiffy Pot instructions for reference:

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The reason I’m looking at pots… While I originally planned our garden to grow directly from the ground… I am basically considering all options to solve  the issue of water draining off the roof and into the bed and potentially flooding our new seedlings.  I’d like to at least say I was able to grow flowers before they die. Chances are as soon as I think I’ve got it, a typhoon will sweep through.  But, I really hope not.

Let my flowers GROW…