2011©Jennifer Martinez

Well, we didn’t get far before the rain started pouring down.  It’s supposed to continue all week too so I can only hope to start to make progress by next week!

Note to self: I chose to start our garden the same week that the yellow sand blew in from China, which may not have been the best idea.  The sand is said to contain toxins that blow over from Mongolias Gobi Desert. If it can cause respiratory issues in humans, I wonder what it does to soil and plant life?

Surely it will be ok, since I have yet to feed the soil any nutrients.  First things first, finish digging up these roots! Come on sunshine, and if the humidity would let up a bit that’d be awesome:)

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My good friend and husband both reminded me of the problem we have of flooding every time it rains.  In Okinawa it rains alot, so this is an issue I should have foreseen.  Getting started on this garden project I researched and planned it out to perfection only to be blinded by excitement.

Something must be done to solve this problem before continuing.  My husband says I need to re-route the water so it drains elsewhere, however this is not really my area of expertise so I am left wanting. Finishing the first step to prepare the ground is my short term goal. In the meantime I will try to find a way to rid of this annoying water problem.