Various flower species from Madeira
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Starting my first flower garden.  This can only go one of two ways. Success or a failure. Either way I hope to grow some pretty flowers and learn a few things in the process.  I’ve been known to kill every plant or flower that’s ever been given to me… though I realize flowers will eventually die indoors in a vase, plants should grow at least for a while. Maybe just watering too much or not enough- Idk.

From what I hear ferns are nearly impossible to kill and my first dead fern came at about 4th grade.  Now  28 years old and ready to take on the tools and feel the dirt in my hands.  Plant the seeds and watch them mature.  Just as I’ve done with my children over the last 9 years.

Speaking of my kids, my son’s birthday is tomorrow so Happy Birthday! My daughter is very go, go, go all the time and we finally found something that keeps her attention.  Dirt and worms! Today she helped dig up the weeds – roots that have been there… years I’m guessing since they’ve been pulled.   It looks like good soil to me, but very rocky. Then again what do I know?

For two days I’ve researched the seeds I will plant & the flowers I intend to grow.  Reading up on how to treat the soil after pulling weeds, etc.  Went to the BX here on Kadena AB in Okinawa, Jp today and bought a few necessities.  Not much to choose from but the selection I noticed was narrowed down to what products will work for our Humid Sub-Tropical climate.   So that’s helpful for any new Kadena Gardeners like myself.

A few of the sites I checked out: ; ; The Garden Helper

Both sites had some really simple to understand information on beginner level gardening. While mine is just going to be two small flower beds the sites both had vegetable garden info too.

Toddler break from weeding
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